Bayesian and frequentist approaches to resonance searches


I discuss my recent comparison of Bayesian and frequentist approaches to a resonance-like feature in the spectrum measured by DAMPE and resonance searches in general. I first contrast the results of both methodologies when applied to results from DAMPE. I then introduce a counting experiment based on a search for the Higgs boson from which I generate pseudo-data. With that pseudo-data, I contrast the evolution of the $p$-value and posterior as we accumulate data and directly compare global $p$-values and the posterior of the background model. I find that in this toy problem $p$-values are typically smaller than the posterior by one or two orders of magnitude. I discuss the implications of this result for indirect searches for dark matter.

Purple Mountain Observatory Seminar
Purple Mountain Observatory
Andrew Fowlie
Junior Faculty

My research interests include particle physics and statistics.